Behind the Scenes of ‘The Witch’ shot on ARRI Alexa Mini

This week, Film Jams presents a behind-the-scenes look at our Halloween short film, “The Witch.” With a tight schedule and set to premiere before Halloween, we filmed it all in one long night. So with further ado, let’s go behind-the-scenes of our Halloween short film! […]

‘Love Hurts,’ 2018 Tampa 48 Hour Film Project

Our video this week is Film Jam’s entry into the Tampa 48 Hour Film Project, “Love Hurts.” This film was shot in only 48 hours, including the script writing, filming, visual effects, and post-production. No sleep was had, but we packed a lot in and […]

Jedi: Path of Promise (Star Wars Fan Film)

Star Wars Fan Film Jedi: Path of Promise was created as an entry into Lucas Film’s Star Wars Fan Film Awards for 2016. Our Star Wars fan film tells the story a Jedi in search of a young girl that had a special connection to […]

BTS: The Webseries

BTS is an 8 episode web series produced in St. Petersburg, Florida by production company – Special Thanks to the St. Petersburg Film Commission and local cast and crew that made this possible!

The Skyship Chronicles

Winner: Best Steampunk Films and Web Series Our team had an absolute blast producing this Steampunk Action Web Series….The Skyship Chronicles [Part 1]. We were honored to win a variety of awards including: Best Steampunk Films, Best Film, Best Cinematography, and more at festivals around […]