What’s up Film Jammers! This week, we’re doing a review on the new SGC Prism P60 Tube LED light. We’ve reviewed a few different RGB tubes but this one has some useful features that set it apart from other tube RGB LEDs. Our full SGC Prism P60 review video is above!

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SGC P60 Light Review

SGC Prism P60 Review

So what makes the SGC Prism 60 stand out from all the other tube lights on the market? This light has a full RGB color spectrum and color FX, which comes standard on most tube LED lights, today. The two features that stood out to us though, were the removable battery and the compatibility with Aputure’s Sidus Link app, which allows you to control these lights from your smartphone or tablet. And SGC lights can integrate with other Aputure light fixtures. This is a big plus as Aputure doesn’t currently have a tube light in their arsenal.

SGC Prism P60 LED Review

The SGC Prism lights have a CCT Color range of 2700 to 6500K, and also feature RGB LEDs for access to a large color spectrum. They also feature wired and wireless DMX (DMX512) and can even set multiple DMX address combos for multiple connections. Another useful feature is that SGC lights are high speed filming approved. So if you use them with say, a Phantom Flex 4K camera, they’re rated for up to 2000 frames per second. Not too shabby!

SGC Prism P60

Removable Battery

The SGC Prism P60 has a removable battery, which is a feature we haven’t yet seen in a tube light. The Astera or Nanlite tubes have integrated batteries, but you can’t swap them out. SGC gives us the ability to change the internal batteries- which can significantly prolong the life of the light. If a battery goes bad, now you can just swap it or exchange the battery. You don’t need a completely new fixture, which saves money and gives a little extra peace-of-mind when purchasing.

Also, if you’re on set and the SGC Prism 60 dies in the middle of shooting, you can just change out the battery instead of waiting for the fixture to recharge. And the icing on the pecan pie is: SGC offers a Quad charger for their batteries, so you can charge four batteries at the same time. That’s tube music to our ears!

SGC Prism P60 Review


Possiblty the most excellent feature of these lights is that the SGC tube light work out of the box with Aputure’s Sidus Link app. The Sidus link app is a really powerful wireless control app for lights that can revolutionize how you use your lights. The app itself is free to use and fairly easy to operate. At our studio, we have it installed on a smart phone and iPad and use it to control our Aputure 600D’s and Aputure P300C lights that we have installed in our studio grid so we can easily turn the lights on and adjust them without needing to scale a 12′ ladder. And we avoided buying an expensive DMX board as well. More free apps please!

It’s very convenient for our team to control these SGC Prism 60 lights with the same Sidus Link app used for our other Aputure lights. You can set up different scenes and FX with the app and link your Aputure lights and your SGC light tubes together…in harmony….wirelessly!

SGC Prism P60 RGB Tube Light Review


The SGC Prism 60 2’ Tube is currently listed at $269. There is also a 4’ version called the Prism 120 that goes for $389. The lights come with a protected carrying case, and accessories such as the charging cable, mounting plate, C-stand adapter, and the battery. Extra batteries cost $50 each, and the Quad 4-way charger is $150. Let’s take a look at how these SGC lights compare to other tube lights out there….in our RGB LED Tube Light Comparison!

The 2’ Pavotube 15C runs at $199. This light does not have Sidus Link app control or DMX control. It also doesn’t have the user-swappable battery or the included mount like the SGC.

The 2’ Pavotube 15X II costs $389. This newer version adds DMX control and a higher quality panel. But it’s also $100 more than the SGC 60 and still doesn’t have the removable battery or Sidus Link control.

Quasar Science Q25 Rainbow 2‘s are $500. These pack a lot of features, but don’t have an internal battery at all, meaning they have to be plugged in or used with a bulky battery. However, their color science is some of the best available. 

Astera Helios 2′ RGB Tubes are $625 and don’t include a charger or AC power in the box! Asteras are very popular on high end film sets, and they have a very robust app for control, but be prepared to shell out a lot more cash to get a comparable system.

SGC Prism 60 – As far as budget tube light options go the SGC Prism 60s at $269 might be the best bang for the buck – especially if you’re looking for a light with app control and want to be able to swap out your batteries. Most other features between these lights are very similar.

SGC Prism 60 Review

SGC Prism P60 Review: Final Thoughts

We hope this review on the SGC P60 tube light was helpful. If you’re in the market for some tube LEDs the SGC LEDs are a good option for both entry level or pro applications. If you’re already invested into the Aputure ecosystem, having a tube light that interfaces with the Sidus Link app is a big benefit. The customer support also was on their game. We texted into SGC’s Instagram account to get help updating the firmware, and even at 6am time in China, they were responsive and happy to walk us through the process. Make sure you do update them to the newest firmware as they continually update them and add new features!

Looking for more RGB Tube light options? Check out our NanLite Pavotube Review.

What do you think of this SGC Prism P60 tube light? Do its features set it apart enough to distinguish itself from longer standing competitors like Nanlite and Quasar Science? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to keep up with our reviews at Film Jams on YouTube.

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