Buckle up ballerinas! The Film Jams crew put together a John Wick parody film trailer with the release of John Wick 4 last week. The parody trailer titled: John Dick is a no-holds-barred tribute to the highly successful action film franchise.

A John Wick Parody Film Trailer

As huge fans of the John Wick movies, the Film Jams crew wanted to put together a fun parody film on a shoestring budget to see what we could do. We made some calls to stunt people, went shopping at Walmart for the cheapest black suit we could find, and went prop shopping on Amazon for some Air-soft artillery. Here’s what we came up with…

John Wick Film Locations?

We didn’t have a budget to travel to the exotic John Wick locations, so the entire film was shot in or around our studio. We utilized virtual production and our new LED volume to capture some the iconic John Wick locations. Our virtual production lead, Jason Lashley, created environments in Unreal Engine to simulate spots from the films, including the bathhouse and church scenes. We also utilized our studio warehouse to film the main fight sequences.

John Dick: John Wick parody LED Wall
Filming on the LED wall to simulate similar locations to the John Wick movies

Keanu Reeves Deepfake

What’s a John Wick parody without a Keanu Reeves Deepfake?! Our amazing VFX team put together a scene where Keanu Reeves face was Deepfaked over our lead actor Christian Cashmir – who plays John Dick. We promise no Keanu’s were harmed in the making of this parody trailer!

John Dick: The Full Parody Film!

If you’re interested in seeing the full length version of John Dick, we have some ideas up our sleeve. But for now, take a look at the Behind-the-Scenes documentary of how we made our John Wick parody short film and let us know what you think…


Here are some side-by-side screengrabs from the real Wick vs Dick.

John Wick VS John Dick
John Wick VS John Dick!

Filmmaking Gear and Equipment

Our team filmed John Dick on 2 cameras, an ARRI Alexa Mini, and a RED Komodo. All of the Steadicam shots were on Komodo. The scenes on dolly and tripod were on Alexa Mini. Our cinematographers filmed with one of our favorite sets of lenses the Atlas Orion Anamorphic cinema lenses. For lighting, we used a lot of Aputure RGB lights to add color (including the p300c and p600c). The crew lit with tungsten lights too, like ARRI 650s and Source 4 Leko 750s to shape the light.

John Wick parody film screengrabs
Screengrabs from John Dick, our John Wick parody film

Behind the Scenes of John Wick Parody!

The Film Jams crew put together a behind-the-scenes look at how we filmed John Dick, our parody film trailer. Make sure ask us any questions on Youtube where we always respond to every comment. The BTS video shows how we used the LED wall and virtual production technology to capture iconic John Wick locations, the stunt and fight choreography, and interviews with the crew. Not too shabby, Charon!

Let us know, and make sure to check us out on YouTube for new Vids every week HERE!

John Wick VS John Dick
Our team used an LED wall and virtual production to simulate lighting and environments from the movie.