This week we wanted to take a minute to thank all the unsung heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic – out there on the front lines who have made sacrifices during this crazy time. From healthcare workers like nurses and doctors; to truckers driving overnight with essential supplies; to restaurant and grocery workers making sure we have food on the table; this is a tribute to all those on the front lines risking their lives so we can be safe. This video is our thanks to you – the HEROES of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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First responders and healthcare workers have put their safety on the line for us, and we hope this video helps inspire you to thank them! We hope you and your families all make it through safely.

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This inspirational video is a tribute to medical staff, scientists, utility workers and more. We appreciate all that you do. 2020 has been a tough year. You are the heroes that help us through to the other side of this pandemic. Thank you to healthcare workers, our front lines heroes. If you have any thoughts on our tribute video to healthcare workers and more, please send a note below in the comments. If you’re looking for a powerful motivational video during these difficult times, we hope this helps – and please feel free to share. Thanks for watching our THANK YOU to HEROES of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Inspirational Video) from Film Jams!

The quarantine has hit many industries hard, and filmmakers and freelancers are no exception. If you need some tips, we put together some Ways to Make Money During the Quarantine as a Freelancer. Hope it’s helpful! Stay safe. We look forward to getting back to normal and Filming some Jams as soon as we can.