Star Wars Fan Film

Jedi: Path of Promise was created as an entry into Lucas Film’s Star Wars Fan Film Awards for 2016. Our Star Wars fan film tells the story a Jedi in search of a young girl that had a special connection to his former Jedi apprentice, but he encounters an unexpected villain on his journey in the form of an evil Sith Lord who has other plans for the child.

From choreographing a lightsaber duel, to finding the perfect location for our alien landscape, we had a blast producing this fan film, which was filmed in only 1 day. It was photographed in Tampa, Florida at Dead River Park. Thanks to our amazing film crew who came out to help. Post production was done at Litewave Media in St. Petersburg, FL. If you’re looking to make a Star Wars Fan Film feel free to reach out in the comments, and we’ll be happy to try and help!

Where to Buy a LightSaber

If you’re looking for where to buy a lightsaber for your next Star Wars Fan Film (or if you just want a few on your walls like us), we’ve got you covered. Here are some links on Amazon for some of the most popular light sabers:

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The Star Wars Fan Film Awards takes place every few years…for more info check out – May the Force be with you! What did you think about Jedi: Path of Promise as a fan film? What is your favorite Star Wars film?