Aloha Film Jammers! It’s our 100th episode! Time’s flown by so fast, it feels like only our 50th episode, Should YOU Go to Film School? Thoughts From Film Grads, was just yesterday! This time around we thought we’d take our old girl (the Alexa Mini of course!), out on the town and shoot with some different Looks from the ARRI Look Library!

What is the ARRI Look Library?

We purchased the ARRI Look Library a while back for our Alexa Mini. If you don’t know, the ARRI Look Library is basically a collection of creative color gradings that you can install on ARRI Cameras. The Look Library is currently a $300 license for ARRI cameras, which includes 87 high quality Looks in 3 intensities. They’re grouped into 9 themes: Including “Film”, “Tinted”, “Period”, “Season”, and more.

We’ve played around with a few of the Looks before. But, we really wanted to put these sweet Looks from ARRI to the test! The ones that got us most excited are their “Day for Night” Look, some of their “High Contrast” Looks, and even some “Black and White” tones! Check out the video to see how they stack up compared side-by-side with a standard Rec 709 LUT.

Let’s Take a LOOK at Those Looks

Alright, let’s get LUTTIN! (All the kids are already saying that now. Make sure to incorporate into your on-set vernacular, so you don’t look the fool!)

Here’s some of our favorite looks from the 20 Looks we tried out. Make sure to watch the full video above to see the rest!

ARRI Look Library 5110 Nature Lut Sample
5110 Nature from the ARRI Look Library
ARRI Look Library 5120 City Lut Sample
5120 City from the ARRI Look Library
ARRI Look Library 3250 Cross Lut Sample
3250 Cross from the ARRI Look Library

It’s pretty interesting to see how the different color grades can affect your image. Color is certainly a powerful tool in any filmmaker’s arsenal. It helps us express different emotions and feelings in a scene…(search your feelings Luke, you know it to be true!) Using these ARRI Looks can completely change the tone, meaning, or feeling of your scene. ARRI certainly gives you a lot of tools to customize your image and make that creative choice. Just don’t get caught up in all the hullabaloo, and make sure to remember great lighting, story, and all that stuff too, aye?

ARRI Look Library Final Thoughts?

If you own an ARRI camera, and you like experimenting, $300 seems a pretty fair price for 87 custom Looks. Just the Day-for-Night Look alone was worth it for me. Now, if you want to see all 87 Looks, before you buy, you can explore the full Look Library by downloading the free ARRI Look Library app on your phone…Or watch our video, to see what we think are the best 20 or so Looks in action!

What do you think about the ARRI Look Library? Do you have a favorite look? Let us know down in the comments. And we’ll see you next week!

And if you’re looking for some sweet ARRI slow mo,  check out this ARRI Alexa Mini Slow Motion video!

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