Today, we’re checking out our new favorite accessory, and what in our experience so far is the best dual camera strap for still photography: the BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Strap!

When shooting photos, one thing that makes your workflow faster is carrying two camera bodies – that way you’re not swapping lenses mid-shoot and missing those important moments. You missed Uncle Bilbo patting baby Louise on the head? Not anymore with this double camera harness!

Using the BlackRapid Camera Strap

One way we like to shoot is having one camera body with a wide angle lens (like a 16-35mm) and the other with a telephoto zoom lens (like a 70-200mm). That way you can a nice full range of view!

Best Dual Camera Strap - Options
Ash demos the two cameras and her favorite lenses she uses with the Black Rapid harness

The BlackRapid dual camera strap really gives you a lot of freedom when shooting, and we’re not worried about dropping one of our cameras. However, the most important thing is that we can shoot all day and our shoulders aren’t killing us at the end of the night! This baby is comfy…more so than some other brands we’ve tried.

It also looks fairly bad ass and professional when you show up to a job with this ol’ lady on. Clients have definitely noticed the difference. You’re not slingin’ a keyhole camera in a jocky box. Not anymore!

In the video we do a full BlackRapid Double Breath review on the experience using it and shots of it in action…so definitely make sure to check out the Film Jams episode above!

Ash Using the BlackRapid Dual Camera Strap

Another great aspect of this camera harness system is you can actually detach one of the sides and make it a single camera strap if you want to operate with just one camera as well. It’s pretty versatile and we likey.

The Double Breathe Strap Compared to Others

There’s quite a few camera straps on the market and we’ve had some mixed experiences. It’s really difficult to choose because there’s so many options; however, the Black Rapid has been the most solid and comfortable one we’ve used. We trust it to secure our cameras. Another brand (not naming any names) has broken on us before. No bueño! When you’ve got thousands of dollars in lenses in tow, having that peace of mind that your investments are secure is a major plus. Also, the BlackRapid Double Breathe has some of the best reviews on Amazon which is normally a good sign. It’s actually how we found it!

The BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Strap – Yup that’s the Box

If you’re in the market for the best dual camera strap, we already did the research for you! In all seriousness, you should probably do some research, but this is definitely a great option. Check out our Canon EOS R vs. 5D Mark III Photography Comparison to feast your eyes on some more sweet photography gear!

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Filmed on location at: in St. Petersburg, FL.

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