We know these two cameras have been on everyone’s hot list this season, so we’ve finally brought to you a full video review on the Canon EOS R vs. Sony A7III, two of the best mirrorless cameras of 2018. We put these little doozies through a variety of tests to see which one is the best camera for you.

Canon EOS R Vs. Sony A7III

In general, some things we noticed were that the flip-out screen of the Canon EOS R was a real advantage for video compared to the less adjustable screen on the Sony A7III. The EOS R can be turned all the way around while the A7III screen can only be tilted down and up. Another difference is that the EOS R only has one memory card slot while the A7III has two. So if you’re shooting a lot of footage at once or want the ability to dual record, the A7III might be better for you. The A7III also has internal body stabilization while the EOS R doesn’t. This is a very helpful feature when you’re shooting handheld and want to keep your footage nice and smooth. You can use Image Stabilized lenses on the EOS R to get this, but it’s really nice that the A7III has it built into the body.

The Film Jams team also put these mirrorless mamas to the test, including a color test, to see how skin tones look on both cameras; an Autofocus test, as both of these cameras have updated their face tracking software; and slow motion comparison – in terms of slow motion high frame rate recording, both go up to 120 fps however the EOS R can only do 120 fps at 720p (and it’s pretty soft), while the A7III can do 120 fps at 1080p. Both cameras look great at 1080p 60p though.

A skin tone color test between the Canon EOS R and the Sony A7III mirrorless cameras

For data (especially important when color grading), the A7III can do 4k footage at 100 mb/s, and the EOS R can do 4k at 480 mb/s, which gives you more room in post. In our low light test, we pushed the EOS R and A7III up to 102,400 ISO. We also looked at them in low light at 4k and 1080p. The A7III really has the EOS R beat at higher ISOs, but for most usable ISO speeds up to 6400 both cameras performed well.

Screen grab from our low light test comparing the Canon EOS R and Sony A7III. The EOS R gets a bit grainier in the higher ISOs

We also compared Sony’s S-log 3 footage to the Canon’s C-log footage. You can see a rough color grade in the video. As far as megapixels, the A7III has 24mp against the EOS R’s 30.3mp. The EOS R also crops 4k footage while the A7III allows full frame 4k.

So there are pros and cons to each camera for sure. Both are great options. Which one is best for you: the Canon EOS R vs. Sony A7III review? Let us know, and thanks for watching!

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Music by Jeffrey J Byron

Directed & Produced: Christian Cashmir

Camera: Adam Barefoot & Christian Cashmir

Actors: Adam Barefoot, Christian Cashmir

Edit: Lucas Schatzberg

Social: Brianna Spieldenner

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Filmed on location at: Litewave Media in St. Petersburg, FL – Video Production Company in St. Pete, Florida.

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