This week on Film Jams we’ll be bringing you a first look at the new Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless camera, a first for Canon. In the following weeks, we’ll be posting more EOS R videos and a full review of the new camera. We wanted to share a quick review of the Canon EOS R autofocus test, test footage, slow motion test, and some photos.

Film Jams takes a first look at the new Canon EOS R camera

Canon EOS R Autofocus

The Canon EOS R autofocus is a big draw, which is really a huge step forward for mirrorless cameras. The camera has huge amount of focus points, making it really fast and easy to focus. It also has a touch screen that allows you to touch what you want to focus on. The face tracking in autofocus mode is also very accurate and quicker than many other cameras we’ve tested.

For our test, we used on of our favorite lenses, the Canon 50mm L F/1.2 lens, to try out the camera with video and photos. It’s especially impressive when using the face tracking with the Dual-Pixel autofocus in video mode at a wide open aperture of f1.2.

The EOS R camera is lighter than other full-frame Canon cameras, and also includes a flip-out screen – which is a huge draw for YouTubers and vloggers. The camera features a new lens mount: the “R mount” – which looks very promising for image quality improvements. You can purchase an adapter to attach Canon’s EF lenses which also enables full electronic control and autofocus. One of the three EF to R adapters available also features a new control ring that has a unique customizable functionality that can be programmed to control things like the iris, white balance, or other custom settings on the camera.

The Canon EOS R features touch screen autofocus

The camera doesn’t have the joystick that has been on the last few Canon DSLR cameras, but it does feature a new multi-touch button, that is customizable in the user settings. So far we like it, and have ours mapped to the Iris function.

Our initial Canon EOS R test was very impressive, but we’ll be doing a much more thorough review of it in the next week, so if you’re interested in the camera and seeing its footage, make sure you check out our videos every Friday!

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Directed by: Christian Cashmir

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Camera Operator: Lucas Schatzberg

Edit by: Lucas Schatzberg

Social: Brianna Spieldenner

Web: Christopher John

Filmed on location at: in St. Petersburg, FL

Special Thanks to the St. Petersburg Clearwater Film Commission Digital Creator Program

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