So, you wrote your script. You’ve just finished filming your masterpiece. Now it’s time for the edit. So, import that footage and create a new sequence, because we’ve got 5 Adobe Premiere Pro editing tips to make you a faster editor!

5 Fast Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips

1. Quick Audio Editing – With NO Keyframes

Having clean and consistent audio levels is key. Now, when you get all your footage into Adobe Premiere Pro, your sound levels can often be all over the place. Using keyframes is the standard for audio editing, but we found a really quick way to adjust levels and edit your sound, is just to just make a cut in the audio track, and then adjust the gain using a keyboard shortcut (we have our gain set to the (G) key). Then add a dissolve in the audio track to smooth out the cut, if needed. You can really do a quick mix of your tracks with this method, and get all your audio levels balanced without using any keyframes.

2. Using Adjustment Layers to Color Correct

If you’re looking to add a quick color correction or if you want to apply the same correction to multiple clips, using an adjustment layer is a good tool. Rather than applying your color correction to each clip one by one, using adjustment layers allow you to adjust the color of multiple clips at once. Make sure the adjustment layer is above any clips you want it to affect on your timeline. Then, simply apply your color correction to the adjustment layer, and you’ll see that every clip underneath it will now have the effect applied. Sometimes we’ll use this as a quick way to add a look to a video and preview it before fully color correcting. For example, if you wanted to see how your whole film would look in black and white, an adjustment layer would be a quick way to do that.

Adjustment layers are a quick way to apply a color correction to multiple clips in a sequence

3. Nesting Sequences

When working on bigger projects with a lot of layers, timelines can quickly get cluttered and hard to navigate. Creating nests can speed up your workflow. A nest basically groups certain layers and tracks together into one track. You can then apply effects to this nest in the sequence all at once. This is also useful if you want to add a transition between two sections with multiple tracks or layers. You can nest the layers into one track so the transition (like a wipe or push) applies correctly.

Nesting layers allows you to compress multiple layers into one single track

4. Using Adobe Premiere Pro Shortcuts

Getting acquainted with some of Adobe Premiere Pro’s keyboard shortcuts will help you quickly navigate your timeline and speed up your editing process. For example, if you select a clip and use the “Nudge” shortcut (Command + left) or (Command + right), this will nudge the clip, meaning the clip will be shifted one frame to the left or right, respectively. Another useful shortcut is the “Go To Next or Previous Edit Point”. This shortcut will move the playhead in your timeline to the next cut. Pressing the “Up” key will move forward to the next edit point, and the “Down” arrow key will quickly move your playhead to the previous cut on the timeline. NOTE: This only works on tracks that are highlighted – unless you adjust your preferences to go to tracks that are also turned off.

5. Efficiently Copying and Pasting

Copying and pasting may seem like a simple process, but there’s a few tricks to making it more efficient. Toggling your track target allows you to paste clips on whichever track you’d like. To really speed up your copying and pasting, try mapping your track numbers as shortcuts to the number keys on your keyboard. This way you can quickly access the track you want to paste to and speed up your workflow even more.

We hope these Premiere Pro editing tips will help speed up your post production workflow. Let us know in the comments any other tricks or shortcuts you use to speed up your editing game. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, for new videos every Friday!

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