This week on Film Jams, we are debuting a new segment of our show called Film Chats, where we will invite other filmmakers into the studio and talk, discuss, and ponder films. Our first episode, Film Chats: discussing The Last Jedi, James Gunn, and advice to young filmmakers, will be sitting down with a German director, Sven Eric Maier, who we met in Cannes Film Festival last year.

This week’s episode is debuting our newest segment, Film Chats, with special guest, Sven Maier (left), and our host, Christian Cashmir (right).

We invited German director Sven to our studio in St. Petersburg, Florida to talk about film, inspiration, and wookies. Maier has written and directed a number of short films, his latest being “The Long Walk” (2013). He has also more recently worked as a cinematographer on the German documentary “Geschichten aus der Heimat” (2017). He is currently working on a fantasy series titled “The Blackforest Witch”, and created the German YouTube channel on screenwriting: Ergocinema.

Maier and Cashmir talk in the first episode of Film Chats about The Last Jedi, James Gunn, and filmmaking advice

In our first episode, our host, Christian Cashmir sits down with Maier to discuss his favorite movies, making films in Germany, “The Last Jedi,” James Gunn, “Stranger Things,” and advice he would give to young filmmakers, with a few German language lessons throughout.

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