Lighting is one of the elements of filmmaking that can make or break your project. The search for inexpensive but quality equipment is something we’re always looking for here at Film Jams. Recently we came across a really impressive little light that we’ve been using in a number of our projects. Check out how to create a cheap 3-point lighting kit under $100. This new LED light can give you a cinematic look without breaking the bank.

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Lighting Kit Under $100?

Skypanels and Kino Flo lights are great, but cost thousands of dollars. If you’re just starting out, or looking to add a small mobile light to your kit, these Cheap LED lights might be a good option. You can find the Viltrox video lights on Amazon, which are $32 each right now, making a great 3-point lighting kit under $100.


Cheap Video Lights: Bi-Color & Dimmable!

The lights are dimmable and bi-color, so you can adapt them to different lighting situations. Their color temperature ranges from 3300K-5600K. And these small LED lights do have a high CRI rating of 95 which is on par with lights costing much more. While they aren’t the brightest or softest lights, at just around $30 a piece, the Viltrox LED video lights are hard to beat when you’re on a budget. If you’re looking for a cheap 3 point lighting kit, we definitely recommend checking them out!

Cheap 3 Point Lighting Kit
Our Cheap 3 Point Video Lighting Setup for Under $100

Best LED Lighting Kit for Video & Filmmaking

If you told us 3 Point lighting under $100 was possible 10 years ago (with battery powered LED lights to boot!), we probably would have thought you were smoking some of that funky CBD (they run on Sony NPF style batteries). It’s pretty incredible how far technology has come for filmmakers. These cheap small LED lights actually work really well, and we’ve used them on everything from feature films, to commercials, to product photos, and more. It’s one of the best cheap 3 point light kits for budget filmmaking in our opinion (for the price anyway). Are there better video lights out there with more features? Sure, but many of them are more than double the price.

LED Video Lights Under $100: Viltrox

If you have any questions on the techniques used in this tutorial video, please send us a note in the comments. And if you’re looking for Cheap RGB LED video lights make sure to check our review on the AndyCine R1 lights. Thanks for watching our video on how to make a 3-Point Lighting Kit for Under $100, from our Film Jams series!


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-Viltrox L132T – – (Cheap LED Video Lights!)



-Sony NP-550 style (for the Viltrox lights):



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